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    Starting Jan 18, 2006
    Hawaiian Language and Music Class
    7 to 9, Wednesday evenings,
    22283 Cass Av, Woodland Hills, CA, 91364
    $10 donation per meeting

    Learn how to speak simple Hawaiian in the first hour and then in the 2nd use your correct pronunciation to sing songs, both Hawaiian and hapa-haole.

    The papa ‘olelo (language class) will be the based on the same materials used by Mika’ele Brito’s class (Cerritos, CA). This means if you meet another Hawaiian student in Southern California, you probably will have the same vocabulary! This method teaches the alphabet, the diphthongs, the grammar, and the pronouns in 17 lessons. It includes music in every lesson, which leads to….

    The papa mele (singing class) will include the songs in the lessons above, but will include many other Hawaiian standards. If you play an instrument, bring it along—‘ukulele, guitar (slack key or Spanish), bass, gourd, steel guitar, whatevers. Mika’ele plays them all. We will do Hawaiian language songs, and find out what each word means. We’ll do parts: hula songs (2 or 3 parts) and himenis (hymn-style songs, with 4 parts). We’ll do hapa-haole songs. We can even do your requests.

    Mika’ele McClellan, ke kumu (teacher)
    Mika’ele graduated from Roosevelt (high school, Honolulu, 1961) and the University of Hawai’i (1972). At UH he studied Hawaiian. He has composed some songs in the language. He came to the mainland in 1975, and forgot plenty. With Mika’ele Brito’s kokua, he’s getting back in shape.

    In 2004 Mika’ele was named a Los Angeles Treasure by the L. A. Craft and Folk Art Museum for preserving Hawaiian slack key and song in the city. In 2006 he will give at least 6 performances for children in L. A. libraries’ Cultural Diversity Program. He teaches guitar and ‘ukulele for Pierce College Community Education. He has written An Advanced Workbook for the Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar.

    To sign up, Phone: home (818) 999-3129 or work (818) 756-9086


    Free Hawaiian Program for Children , 2006
    Download the flyer (PDF)

    Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar, vocals, ’ukulele, and autoharp The afternoon program will involve some stories, culture, and music from the Hawaiian Islands. The audience will be asked to sing along and even do some hand motions. The Hawaiian words will be explained.
    Depending on the time allowed, some or all of the following songs will be sung:

    Keep Your Eyes on the Hands (In English, with slack key)
    Three Blind Mice (Slack key with vocal in Hawaiian and English)
    Ke Ao Nani (Hawaiian chant with audience participation, some slack key)
    Adios Ke Aloha (Slow sing-a-long in Hawaiian and Spanish!)
    ‘Elua na Pua I ke Ao (Hula with vocal and slack key)
    Pa’ahana (Hula & slack key, with an easy chorus to sing)
    Hele Au i Kaleponi (with ‘ukulele, Haw’n & Eng hula: “I’m Going to CA”)
    Malaguena (Well, this is really an ‘ukulele instrumental….)
    Hawai’i Aloha (Autoharp & vocal. This is the Hawaiian state anthem.)
    Pupu Hinuhinu (A Hawaiian lullaby with slack key & easy-to-sing words)

    Call ahead to make sure of the time, etc.

    • Monday, April 17, 6 PM,
      Sunland/Tujunga Branch Library
      7771 Foothill Bl, Tujunga, CA 91402. (818) 352-4482.
    • Tuesday, April 25, 3:30 PM,
      Ascot Branch Library
      120 W. Florence (& Main), Los Angeles 90003 (323) 758-6574.
    • Wendesday, May 10, 4PM,
      Arroyo Seco Branch,
      Highland Park (323) 264-6901.
    • Thursday, September 7, 3:30 PM,
      Malibar Branch
      2801 Wabash in East L. A. (323) 268-0874.
    • Monday, Oct 2, 2006,
      The Sylmar Branch,
      14561 Polk St, (818) 367-6102,
    • Tuesday, October 3, 3 PM
      Echo Park Branch
      1410 W. Temple St, LA 90026 (213) 250-7809.
    • Monday, November 27, 4 PM
      Woodland Hills Branch
      near Topanga Canyon & Ventura Bls, Woodland Hills (818) 226-0017.
    • Wendesday, December 20, 4 PM
      Los Feliz Branch,
      1874 Hillhurst, LA 90027.
    Aloha a hui hou,

    Archived notes 12/2004

    2004 was a good and a bad year for Mika’ele! On the good, he received a Los Angeles Treasure award from the City Cultural Affairs Department through the Craft and Folk Arts museum. To that end he gave two concerts in the San Fernando Valley that included traditional songs, his own compositions in Hawaiian, and his Hawaiian versions of Carmichael’s Stardust and Bach’s Jesus Joy of Man’s desiring!

    On the down side, he had five operations on his hands for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Trigger Finger. This meant that for several weeks he could not play at all, and when he could: lapuwale!

    The final operation is now history. He is playing better than ever! He’s ready for folk festivals, house concerts, luaus, wakes, bat or bar mitzvahs, TV or movie soundtracks, whatevers….

    You don’t know what is Hawaiian slack key guitar? You don’t know what Mika’ele does? Request email copies of the concert advertisement and program (8 pages). Since he sings in Hawaiian, he provides translations.

    For variety, future concerts would include some melody ‘ukulele and melody autoharp. Hawaiians do consider the autoharp a Hawaiian instrument. Mika’ele has made his own with a spruce soundboard, a koa resonator, and thirty chords.

    Update 4/2004

    "A hui hou, Mika'ele McClellan

    About Mike's association with the Kapakahi Jug Band
    Mike and his brother Bill actually played jug-less jug band in Manoa before Mike went to the mainland in 1961. Bill played washtub bass, while Mike played 12-string guitar and harmonica on a rack. Duane Preble had even heard Mike practicing at this time, but they never made contact. Mike never made contact with Jan Killam of the Punahou Jug-less Jug Band either, and so the line that might’ve been never was! When Mike returned to Honolulu in ’69, he found the Kapakahi Jug Band going strong! Mike was a big part of the band for several years. Mike left "home" again in 1975, and now works for the City of Los Angeles as an environmental bureaucrat. He has two keiki kane, a wife Kelly, and a mortgage. He still plays clarinet, slack key guitar, sings English and Hawaiian, and teaches ‘ukulele and guitar at Pierce College. He welcomes any contact in jug band, jazz, or Hawaiian!"

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