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Music lessons by Mike McClellan

Teaching in the woodland Hills area of California

$25 / ½ hour at
22283 Cass Av, Woodland Hills
(818) 999-3129 or E-mail:

Children’s Guitar or ‘Ukulele Lessons
This is BEGINNING level: 7 years or older. It is modeled on Dr. Suzuki’s famous method of violin instruction, where a parent learns the instrument as well as the child at the same time. There should be three people: the child student, the parent student, and the teacher. If two children and two parents want to take it together, we could have a mini-class. The lessons start at the very beginning: easy chords, simple songs. We don’t learn current Popular songs at first—they’re hard. In about ten weeks we cover 6 major chords, 6 seventh chords, and 4 minor chords, some simple picking, and simple theory. No sight reading yet. Just fun!

You’ll need a child’s guitar and a grown-up guitar. Young children should have a ¾ size guitar or a parlor size instrument; not a big Dreadnought. A ¾ guitar goes for about $75 at the Blue Ridge Pickin’ Parlor (17828 Chatsworth St., Granada Hills, 91344 (818) 282-9001). For smaller hands an ukulele is better; it is tuned similar to a guitar, but is smaller and has 4 strings instead of 6. A soprano ‘ukulele is good for small hands, while a concert ‘ukulele would be better for the adult. For lessons (and parents’ peace of mind), acoustic (ie, non-electric) is best.

Other instruments
McClellan plays more than thirty instruments! He has taught five-string banjo, autoharp, fiddle, beginning Suzuki violin, Cajun accordion, blues harmonica, slide and lap steel guitar, bass, mandolin, clarinet, sax, trumpet, trombone, dulcimer, and of course slack key, ‘ukulele and guitar. His students ranged from elementary school kids to grandparents. If you don’t see the instrument here that you want to learn, go ahead and ask.

Home phone: (818) 999-3129
22283 Cass Av, Woodland Hills CA 91364
Work (818) 756-9086